Discourse (FAQ)


Q: Why do you do what you do?

Because I believe what I have to offer is valuable and needed. Because I would like to do my small part in offering people a chance to escape a world devoid of sensual delights. Because when it comes to intimacy and romance, there's always something new to learn and opportunities to grow. Because I love meeting all sorts of people and hearing everybody's story. Because I value being someone's vehicle for self care and self discovery. Because as corny as it sounds, I believe everyone is beautiful and it's an honor to revel in that beauty. Because what I offer is both a deep seeded need and a hedonistic luxury. Because I am proud to assert my place in the world as an unapologetic, sensual woman. Because...I simply can't imagine doing anything else.

Q: Are your courses disability friendly?

They most certainly are. All I ask is that you inform me of your disability and/or limitations as best you can so we can decide on the best arrangements for you and your specific needs. This includes disabilities that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as fibromyalgia or being on the autism spectrum.


Q: Do you offer courses for couples?

There are few joys greater in this world for me than being a tutor for the adventurous couple. Couples courses begin at 1.5 hours. Trust me, we would not want to rush through such an exquisite education!

Q: Do you take on students who are...?

I take on many different types of students who are 21 and older. Aspects of your selfhood such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender expression and body size will never be a barrier for entry into one of my courses. What will be however is rudeness, crassness and vulgarity. But you’re better than that anyway, aren’t you my darling?

Q: Where are your courses held?

When in Chicago, my default incall location is in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, north of downtown about 3 miles away from Wrigley Field. Free parking is always available, as are nearby public transportation options. 

Q: So what are your courses like anyway?

It's hard to summarize a course succinctly as each one is tailored to fit each individual student or students. In a general sense, we will cover the essentials of romance, flirtation, sensuality and connection. And because this is one on one tutoring, you will find that in many ways, it feels much like meeting a long lost friend or lover! Conversation will be free flowing, and the general attitude will be relaxed, yet passionate. At many times, it may not seem like you are being taught at all. My courses are subtle like that ;)


Q: What does a perfect day look like to you?

Hmm, well off the top of my head...


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, the sun peaking through an open window and a gentle breeze blowing across my nude body. I pull my lover's arm closer to me, the warmth of their skin taming my goosebumps. A tender kiss is shared between us as my lover's eyes slowly open. A languid, yet playful lovemaking session proceeds a shared bowl of fresh fruit and pot of dark roast French Press coffee, our legs entangled on the couch as we read the newspaper. We then get dressed, not out of necessity, but because we are eager to face the world hand in hand. We walk the streets, now alive with the buzz of individual lives adding to the honeycomb of city life, with no particular destination in mind. We spot a little independent bookstore along the way and make our way in. We find our way to the poetry section, and get lost in Neruda and Rumi, reading sweet and poignant quotes to one another. From there, we make our way into a small art gallery, letting the bold colors of the paintings wash over us like bathwater, moved and transfixed all at once. An intimate picnic in a nearby park follows; we set up under a tall, old oak tree. We organically weave in and out of conversation, taking moments to observe passersby, to take in the glory of nature and to absorb the beauty in one another. We then retire back to our quarters for another lovemaking session. This time, it is enthralling and passionate and lustful. Once commenced, we naturally fall into each others arms and blissfully drift off to sleep. We wake up just in time to get ready for our evening. I slip into a gorgeous fitted dress that hugs my ample bosom, taught little waist and my rounded hips perfectly. We make our way to an elegant restaurant and are seated at our table. It feels as though we are the only two there as we enjoy the best meal of our lives over a glass of champagne. We exchange knowing glances from time to time as memories of our passionate tryst earlier capture our imaginations. A wink, a smirk, a gentle tap with the foot under the table all bring us back to our salacious afternoon affair. But we mustn't get too ahead of ourselves, as we have a performance to go to. Perhaps an opera or the symphony, or to a play or comedy show. While we look forward to this night on the town, we are admittedly distracted. We hold hands, we take deep breaths, we try to stay in the moment as best we can. But at some point, it becomes too much and we decided, without saying a word, that we must leave early. We make out in the taxi on our way back, completely unable to keep our hands off each other. We get back and rip off our clothes and don't even wait to get back to the bedroom. We ravage each other with all the built up fervor of the evening. Yet we don't rush through it. We take our time, we savor every touch, every look, every sensual detail there is. The only reason we stop is because, after being lost in the ecstacy of lust, we notice the sun coming up, and as we fall into each others arms and share a hearty laugh, we drift off to sleep with smiles transfixed to our faces.


Q: What do you think everyone should know about romance and sensuality?

The devil is in the details. In our modern deadline and outcome driven, instant gratification obsessed culture, we have lost sight of the beauty of the extraordinary and unique details of sensuality. The most precious and wonderful moments unfold when we stop and fully absorb what's happening in the moment. The delicate stroke of a lover's cheek against yours. The elegant honesty of eye contact. Catching a whiff of your lover's hair as they throw their head back in pleasure. These are not mere byproducts of intimacy, but intimacy itself.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Trick question. I already have the superpower of pansexuality! But I suppose if I could choose another one, it would be teleportation. I'd love to be able to go from New York City to Paris to Tokyo in the blink of an eye!

Q: What is happiness?

Happiness only exists in the present. You cannot be happy obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Happiness is inhaling the sweet, powdery smell of the roses, feeling a gentle, warm breeze kiss the back of your neck, truly savoring the flavor a velvety smooth dark chocolate enveloping your tongue, taking in the stars glistening in the indigo sky, listening to the delicate melody of the birds chirping early in the morning. As much as we want to make it more complicated than this, I swear that's all there is to it.

Q: Do you allow reviews?

I allow for tasteful reviews exclusively on Private Delights. I consider reviews left on any other forum or ones with explicit themes to be fraudulent and therefore I will never confirm, deny or acknowledge them or their contents in any capacity.