Deposits are required to book your time with me. Deposits are typically $100 per hour (up to $500) plus any other related fees (ex-drive me to you or outcall fees). 


Fly Me to Yous require a 50% deposit.


Installments may be allowed at my discretion.

I have several discreet ways of accepting deposits:

1. Cash App or Venmo

Probably the easiest for everyone involved as it is instant. If you have either app, you can send me your handle and I will send you a discreet payment request with an emoji in the memo. Don't worry, the request will not go through until you accept it. My Cash App and Venmo handles are under completely different business names (think catering). I also do not publish my handles anywhere on the internet, so you can rest assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance. There is no processing fee for this option.

2. Credit/Debit Card

I can send an invoice to your email to be paid by debit/credit card. Again, this will be under a completely separate business name (think catering). And since my invoicing system is done through a secure third party, I will never have access to your credit card number. There is a 5% processing fee for this option.

3. Vanilla Visa Gift Card/Credit Card Gift Cards

My invoicing system accepts credit card gift cards like Vanilla Visa if you prefer to do this. You just need to register a zip code to the card by calling the number on the back. There is a 5% processing fee for this option (so make sure you get a card with enough funds to cover the extra fee!)


4. G-Pay

My invoicing system also allows payments via G-Pay. There is a 5% processing fee for this option.

5. Crypto Through Spankpay

I accept cryptocurrency through Spankpay. There is a 5% processing fee for this option.

6. Select Gift Cards

While this is not my preference, if none of these options work there are select gift cards (such as Amazon, Delta, Uber, Lyft) I will accept as deposits for bookings under 4 hours. I kindly ask that an additional $50 be added to the card since I cannot use it everywhere. Also please keep in mind that this option is not refundable even in the event of my cancellation.


Deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable if you cancel with 72+ hours notice. You must reschedule within 30 days of your canceled date in order to transfer your deposit. Otherwise your deposit is forfeited. Deposits may be transferred to Charlotte Based, Drive Me to You, Touring Fly Me to You or Phone/Text/Email based sessions.

Cancellations made with 48 hours or less notice require a 50% cancellation fee

Cancellations made with 24 hours or less notice require a 100% cancellation fee

In the rare event I cancel our appointment, your deposit is of course 100% refundable.

*Fly Me to You is non refundable and non transferable in the event of your cancellation once tickets and/or accommodations have been booked.