Bring Me To You


Don't see me coming to your city anytime soon? Why not bring me to you!


Check out My Schedule Here to see when I'm available for exclusive travel! 


The rates below include travel (air, train or car) and accommodations to all 50 states!


Just give me at least five days notice, provide a 50% deposit and I'll be in your arms in no time!

48 Hours: $6000

24 Hours: $4000

14 Hour Overnight: $3200

8 Hours: $2400

6 Hours: $2200

4 Hours: $2000

3 Hours: $1800

2 Hours: $1400*


*Available only in cities accessible from Chicago by train or car travel in a reasonable amount of time. Cities include Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Ft Wayne, Indianapolis, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Des Moines, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and St. Louis.

Fine Print

I kindly ask for a 50% deposit for all Fly/Bring Me To You appointments. This will come out of your total tuition; it is not an additional fee. For our mutual safety and privacy, I will walk you through your discreet deposit options upon successful screening.


 Courses over 3 hours in length require at least one shared meal.

I require at least 6 hours of sleep plus up to one hour of solitary primping time in the morning for all courses that include an overnight stay. I require 2 hours of solitary time during the day on top of this for any course 24+ hours in length.