Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


A modern vision of Botticelli's russet Venus.


Aphrodite Kallipygos in human form.


Rita Hayworth, if she had a ass you could eat breakfast off of. 

Cheat Code Hot.

Sir Mix A Lot's anaconda officially wants some because I got buns, hun. 

The Cliff Notes


Maturity: Mid 30s (though I've been told I look younger)

Specifications: 5'6", 36DD-30-43 (no enhancements)

Apparel Size: US 10/UK 14

Footwear Size: US 9/EU 40

Tendrils: Mid Shoulder Length Auburn Red

Irises: Anderson Cooper Blue

Epidermis: Silken Alabaster with a Few Tasteful Tattoos

Adornments: Two Small Nipple Piercings

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