These courses are designed to be fully immersive as they combine public and private time. Think of these as experiential classes designed to cover all the finer points of dating, romance, intimacy and connection! These courses begin at a few hours over cocktails and span over multiple days.


And don’t think we’re limited to the traditional dinner and drinks! Fancy an outing to your favorite museum? Want to see a movie or a play? Perhaps a visit to your favorite arcade or bookstore is more your speed? The possibilities are endless! And remember, lessons on kink and BDSM can also be part of our private time together too! These courses are especially a good choice for those who may be especially nervous or want to gain experience and confidence in dating and romance. As you can see, time in these courses are more flexible to allow for things to unfold at their own pace.


Please note that outcall, couples and kink fees are included in each of these courses!

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Introduction to Dating & Romance Studies (IDR203)

A brief introduction to the classic date. We will begin in a public setting over a relaxing drink and possibly light fare, then conclude to a private setting for extended discourse.

3 to 3.5 Hours $1000

(Keep it inside? Kindly add $200)

Intermediate Dating & Romance Studies (IDR204)

Like the works of Shakespeare and Dickens, some things are classics for a reason. This seminar is built around the structure of a classic dinner date, beginning over a meal hours, then retiring to a private setting. 

4 to 5 Hours $1300

(Keep it inside? Kindly add $200)


Intermediate Dating & Romance Studies, Extended (IDR206)

Perhaps we want to begin our seminar over a lavish, multicourse meal, or we'd like to go see a performance together. Or maybe we just want to have more time for our private lecture. 

7 to 8 Hours $2000

Advanced Dating and Romance Studies (IDR208)

Sometimes the clock can hinder the educational process. This seminar allows us to truly focus on all things sensual and romantic at your own pace.

 Up to 10 Hours $2500 


Overnight Amorous Practicum  (OAP314)

The evening begins with perhaps a candlelit dinner and ends with me falling asleep in your arms. And of course, breakfast in bed the next day. 

Up to 16 Hours $3000

Full Day Practicum  (FDP324)

Practice your romantic skills over breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day filled with romantic interludes.

24 Hours $4000

Entire Weekend Practicum (EWP348)

Become a PhD in Sensuality in your own right by whisking your favorite teacher off for a romantic weekend.

48 Hours $600​0