Screening is mandatory for entry into my in person courses. Fortunately for you, I have several options available that will make setting up your course a snap!


On top of your full name, age, city/state, email and phone number, I ask for one of the following:

ID Verification

You may submit a copy of your government issued ID, such as your driver's license, state ID or passport. For your safety and privacy, I highly recommend covering or blacking out your license number, SSN (if applicable), and home address. Just your name, picture, birth year and city/state need be visible.

Employment Verification

You may provide at least one of the following: *LinkedIn profile *Personal listing on your company's website *Personal company email address (ex: *Personal company phone number (include extensions if applicable) I may request more than one piece of the above options at my discretion.

Student Verification

You may provide your student ID and your .edu email address

RS2K Membership

If your information is different than the contact information you have already provided, simply let me know.


I accept references on a case by case basis. I only accept references from independent providers; Agency references will not be accepted.You may provide me with two references from reputable providers that you have met with in the past six months, or three that you have met in the past year. Please provide links to their personal websites, ads and/or social media, along with approximately when and where you last met (city and month/year is fine). **I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY REFERENCES WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION PROVIDED. APPLICATIONS WITH JUST A NAME AND EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER WILL BE IGNORED**

Supplemental Information

While you are welcome to submit the following items along with your application, please be aware that I do consider them optional and do not take the place of the above screening methods: *Personal social media links (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) *Review handles/profiles (Private Delights, etc)

P411 Membership

You are most welcome to send a private message to me here from your P411 account. However kindly note that you will still be asked to provide the required contact information listed above.

Hygiene & Protocol

While much of this may go without saying, it's always best to lay expectations out in advance to avoid confusion


My courses focus on the importance of intimacy, sensuality and touch. As such, we will be in close quarters for the majority of our time together. Therefore, impeccable hygiene is of the utmost importance. In the simplest of terms, your skin should be thoroughly washed all over and your breath should be minty fresh. If you will not have time to do this an hour or so before our course, you are most welcome to use my facilities, complete with fresh towels and an assortment of toiletries to suit your needs. But let’s make sure we plan ahead in either case. I would just hate for our class to come to an abrupt halt in order to take care of such things! I reserve the right to require you to shower or rinse your mouth with the provided mouthwash as part of our course, should there be any hygiene issue I deem as an incumbrence to our studies. I require all students to wash their hands with warm water and antibacterial soap for 20 seconds at the beginning of our course.


In order to ensure our course flows naturally and easily, please present the remaining balance of your tuition within the first five minutes of our course. When meeting at my place (incall)... Please place your tuition on top of an easily accessible surface (such as a coffee table) on your way into the restroom to wash your hands. Placing it inside an unsealed envelope is always preferred. When meeting at your place (outcall)... Please leave your tuition on the bathroom counter prior to my arrival. I will excuse myself to the restroom to wash my hands upon arrival. Placing it inside an unsealed envelope is always preferred. When meeting in public (ex: at a restaurant for a dinner date)... Please present your tuition discreetly to me in a gift bag. If you prefer to prepay, kindly notify me BEFORE meeting in person. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the termination of our time together, in which case a deposit refund will not be offered.

Deposits & Cancellations

Please take a moment to read my deposit & cancellation policies. I promise they aren't scary!

Deposit Options

A deposit is necessary to secure our time together. For Chicago based and tourning courses, I typically ask for a $100 per hour deposit, though a larger deposit may be necessary at my discretion. All Drive or Fly Me To You courses require a 50% deposit, no exceptions. This will of course come out of your total tuition; it is not a additional fee. Below are my discreet deposit options, listed in the order of my preference: 1. Cash App or Venmo Usually the easiest for everyone involved as it is instant and requires very few steps. If you have either app, you can simply provide your handle or QRR code and I will send you a payment request on your preferred platform (don't worry, it won't go through until you accept the request!) Rest assured, my Cash App and Venmo are registered under a completely different business name, so nothing related to my name or website will ever show up on any statements or payment history. I also do not publish my handles anywhere on the internet to keep things as discreet as possible for both of us. There is no processing fee for this option. 2. Credit or Debit Card I can email or text you an invoice that you may use to pay via credit card. Rest assured the invoice will be under a completely different business name, so nothing related to my name or website will ever show up on any statements or payment history. And since this is done through a third party processor, I will never have access to your credit card number. There is a 5% processing fee for this option. 3. Google Pay My credit card processor also accepts Google Pay. There is a 5% processing fee for this option. 4. Cryptocurrency through Spankpay I accept cryptocurrency exclusively through Spankpay. There is a 5% processing fee for this option. 5. Vanilla Visa/Credit Card Gift Card You may purchase a Vanilla Visa or similar credit card gift card. You may purchase these at places like Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc. You will need to send me a picture of the front *and* the back of the card and bring it with you to our date. More than one gift card may need to be purchased depending on the deposit amount. There is no processing fee for this option, however there is usually a fee to pay for the card (usually around $5-$10) 6. Other Gift Cards This is not my preference, but if none of the above options work you may pay your deposit via Amazon, Airbnb, or American Airlines gift card for dates 3 hours or under. While there is no processing fee for gift cards I do ask for an additional $50 to be added to your deposit, since I cannot use these gift cards everywhere.


Unfortunately, life happens to the best of us and sometimes we just can't attend to our commintments...even when we desperately want to. While deposits and prepayments are not refundable under most circumstances,* they are transferable in the event you cancel your appointment with more than 48 hours notice. In the event you must cancel, your deposit will be applied to one rescheduling made within 60 days of our originally scheduled course. Your deposit/prepayment can be applied to in person courses (Chicago based, touring or FMTY) as well as virtual courses. If you fail to reschedule or transfer your appointment within 60 days, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel your rescheduled course, your deposit/prepayment is forfeited and an additional cancellation fee will be requested if applicable. Appointments cancelled with 48 hours or less notice require a 50% cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled with 24 hours or less notice require a 100% cancellation fee. This excludes FMTY appointment deposits, which are not refundable or transferable. *In the rare albiet possible event that I must cancel our appointment due to illness, personal emergency or tour cancellation your deposit will of course be refunded. You may also apply it to a future date and will receive a complimentary additional 30 minutes added to our time together.