I do have a few simple, yet vital stipulations to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your education as possible without any hiccups. Much of it I’m sure is self explanatory, my darling. But just so there’s no confusion or awkward moments for either one of us, would you please take a moment to read through everything for your favorite teacher?


Screening is required for entry into any of my courses to ensure mutual safety. Each applicant will need to provide their:



Phone Number

Age (Must be 21+)

City & State of Residence

Plus at least one of the following:


Professional References

Two Within the Past Six Months OR 3 Within The Past Year

Please provide links to their personal websites, ads and/or social media, along with approximately when and where you last met (city and month/year is fine). Independent providers only; agency references will not be accepted.

Employment Verification

Company Website with Personal Listing, Company Email, Company Phone Number with Extension and/or LinkedIn

Student Verification

Your Student ID and .edu Email Address


Government Issued ID Verification

Passport or Driver's License. Your License # and Address May be Omitted


RS-AVS Membership

P411 Members may send a request to view their profile but additional information may be requested

Unfortunately, I cannot make exceptions to these stipulations. While I understand this prospect may be anxiety inducing, rest assured this screening process is considered quite standard in this day and age. The utmost discretion is assured. Furthermore, this safety screening allows your professor to give you all she's got in class. After all, she can only do that if she feels completely safe and comfortable.


My courses focus on the importance of intimacy, sensuality and touch. As such, we will be in close quarters for the majority of our time together. Therefore, impeccable hygiene is of the utmost importance. In the simplest of terms, your skin should be thoroughly washed all over, your breath should minty fresh and your hands should clean as a whistle. If you will not have time to do this an hour or two in advance of our course, you are most welcome to use my facilities, complete with fresh towels and an assortment of toiletries to suit your needs. But let’s make sure we plan ahead in either case. I would just hate for our class to come to an abrupt halt in order to take care of such things! 


At this time, I am requiring a small $100 deposit for all appointments. This will of course come out of your total tuition. You may also prepay 100% in advance to receive a $100 discount. For your privacy and comfort, I will walk you through your discreet payment options after successful screening. 

Deposits and prepayments will be applied to one rescheduling. If you cancel your rescheduled appointment, your deposit/prepayment will be forfeited and a cancellation fee will requested if applicable. 


Cancellations made with 24 hours or less notice will require a cancellation fee of 50% of your total tuition. No calls/no shows will require 100% of your total tuition. 

In the event I must cancel our appointment due to illness, personal emergency or tour cancellation your deposit will be refunded.


Courses 3+ are to include a snack, drink and/or meal. For our mutual safety, we will either order in or you may pick something up on your way over to my incall.