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Screening Options

Screening is a necessary part of setting up your time with me as it ensures safety for both of us. We can rest assured that I am only inviting those that are trustworthy and safe to spend time with me. I prefer to keep a relatively small circle of friends and this process helps me do just that. 


 I have five different screening methods, all of which are painless and straightforward.

When inquiring, please include your full name, age, email address and phone number (must be real, no google voice  or VoiP numbers will be accepted), city and state of residence and one of the following screening options:

1. ID Verification

You may send me a copy of your unexpired, government issued photo ID. Driver's licenses, state ID and passports are all gladly accepted. For your safety I highly recommend covering sensitive information such as your license number, SSN and full address. Just your name, photo, birth date and city and state need be visible.


2. Employment Verification

You may send me TWO of the following:


  • LinkedIn profile (200+ connections, must have photo)

  • Work website with your personal listing (must have photo)

  • Work email (

  • Work phone number with extension, if applicable

3. Student Verification

You may send me your .edu email address along with your student ID


You may send your P411 profile along with the required information. You must have at least 2 OKs in the past 6 months or 3 in the past year.


I accept references from established independent providers only. Agency references will not be accepted. Please provide two references from the past 6 months or 3 within the past year. You must also include links to their websites, ads/social media, email addresses and approximately when and where you last saw them (city and month/year is fine). Inquiries without this information will be ignored.

Supplemental Information

While not necessary, you may include additional information to help possibly expedite the screening process. This include your personal social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc), blogs/personal websites or Private Delights handle. But again, this is completely optional.

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