Frequently asked questions

A Relaxing & Clean Atmosphere

I am an incredibly detail oriented person who truly believes that the devil is in the details. As such, I consider it an honor to be able to invite you into my space. I will always provide a clean and well coordinated space for us, complete with everything you could possible need, from fluffy towels to an assortment of toiletries to freshly laundered linens.

Open Communication

No need to guess or femble about trying to be a mind reader. I'll be direct with you about what I like, what works for me, what doesn't and what my limits are. And you are of course encouraged to do the same!

Undivided Attention and Explempary Service

When you book your time with me, that is completely and fully your time. No texting or checking Twitter. No interruptions. My attention will be completely focused on you.

Honesty in Advertising

What you see is what you get here. You can absolutely expect to meet the woman in the pictures. And in fact, I am often told I look even better in person.

Sponteniety & Playfulness

Direct communication doesn't mean that sponteniety isn't on the menu! And having guidelines to work within is what makes it possible to be spontaneus in a way that's safe and pkleasurable for all. There's so much fun in the mystery!

Respectful & Appropriate Boundaries

You never have to worry about me reaching out to you in a way that violates your privacy. In fact, I will not reach out to you in any manner unless you either reach out to me first or give me explicit permission to do so.