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curated travel dates

Below are some destinations that either have a special place in my heart or are on my travel bucket list, so I have decided to offer them at these special discounted rates for extended bookings:


Overnight: $3000 (a $1000 value)

One Fine Day: $4000 (a $1000 value)

The Weekender: $6000 (a $1500 value)

Each Additional Day:$2000 (a $2000+ value)


How It Works

Simply chose your desired destination and length of time. From there, we'll schedule a 30 minute phone consultation ($100) and design our perfect escape together, choosing our hotel, restaurants and activities from the plentiful options listed (of course I'm open to suggestions too!) Upon deciding our itinerary, I will send over an invoice for my 50% deposit (minus the phone consultation fee), my airfare and our accommodations. Then comes the hard part...waiting for our amazing rendezvous!

Tried + True  Favorites

Image by Michael Discenza


Image by Max Bender
Image by Dustin Bowdige
Golden Gate Bridge

My Travel Bucket List

coming soon!

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