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romance + Revelry

I have found that genuine intimacy and strict timeframes are like oil and water; in other words, they just don’t mix well together. That’s why I have decided offer incentives in my rate structure and flexibility in timing for certain types of dates to allow for a fully organic experience.


Cocktail Date $1500

Flirtation over drinks, followed by intimate time behind closed doors.

3-3.5 hours.


Dinner Date $2000

A personal + client favorite! Think of this as the classic (read: best!) date.

4-5 hours.


Leisurely Date $2500

Maybe dinner just isn’t enough. Perhaps we’d like to savor a multi course tasting menu or catch a show afterward.

6-8 hours.


Clockfree Day $3000

Let’s ditch the clock and just enjoy each other’s company in all ways possible from sun up to sun down!  

10-12 hours.


Overnight $4000

Remember that best date from earlier? It’s like that, except I fall asleep in your arms. From dinner to checkout.

Up to 16 hours.

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Have you ever wanted to throw caution to the wind and just spend your precious time taking care of you? I think I can help make that even better than possibly imagined! Let me be your tour guide, self care sherpa and sensuous muse! 


One Fine Day $5000

A full day together, exploring the town and each other. 


The Weekender $7500

The perfect excuse to step out of your routine and truly unwind. From Friday morning/afternoon to Sunday evening (or whenever your weekend happens to be!)


Each Additional Day $2500

Want a truly magical, individually tailored travel experience?

I offer discounted rates for certain destinations! Visit this page for more details.

travel + leisure

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short + sweet

Long on passion, but short on time? Don’t worry, I still got you!

2 Hours $1200

90 Minutes $1000


1 Hour: $700

Please note that one hour appointments are only available as outcall when I am home and only as incall when I am touring.

a la carte


+$500 Flat Fee
90 Minute Minimum

rush fee

any same day appointment

after hours

any appointment starting between 10pm-7:59am

in date extension

per hour
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