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the fine print


Screening is mandatory for all new clients. In order for me to fully immerse myself in our experience, it is imperative for me to feel comfortable and safe. I have three discreet screening methods from which to choose: government ID, employment verification or student verification. As of February 2024, I am no longer accepting references or P411 as primary methods of screening. They can however be used as supplemental screening, which may expedite the screening process.

Government ID (One Required) 

Your Driver's License, State ID or Passport

For your safety I encourage you to black out sensitive information such as your license number or full address

Employment Verification (Two Required)

Your Personal Listing on Your Company Website, Your Linkedin Profile (100+ connections and a picture required), Your Work ID Badge, Your Direct Company Email (, or Your Direct Company Phone Number (with extension if applicable)

Student Verification (Two Required)

Your Direct Student Email ( and Your Student ID



A small deposit is required to secure your time with me. Deposits for home based and touring appointments are typically $100 per hour, plus any additional fees (ex same day fee). A higher amount may be requested at my discretion. Drive Me To You, Fly Me To You and Curated Travel Dates require a 50% deposit plus any related travel fees. Deposits are of course deducted from your total; they are not an additional fee. I am able to accept Cash App, Venmo, credit/debit card payments via invoice, Apple Pay, Google Pay and select gift cards. Rest assured, my payment processors are all registered under a completely different business name (think catering) and I do not publish my payment app handles anywhere on the internet for your safety and mine.


Life happens and can sometimes put a damper on our plans, and I want to ensure that we are both treated fairly in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Deposits are not refundable in the event of your cancellation. But they are transferable in the event I am provided with ample notice (at least 48 hours for home based appointments, 72 hours for FMTY, DMTY and Curated Travel Dates, 1 week for touring). In order to transfer your deposit, you must reschedule within 60 days of your cancellation (though the appointment can take place after that 60 days). Deposits can be transferred to different appointment types (ex: you can transfer your deposit from a cancelled touring appointment to a FMTY). My full fee will be expected in the event of a same day cancellation. In the event I must cancel our appointment for any reason, you deposit will of course be promptly returned to you.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance and will ensure that we both have an amazing time together. For incall appointments, I will invite you to use the restroom to wash your hands and use the provided mouthwash. If you haven't had a chance to shower within an hour or so of our date, I will also invite you to wash up. For outcall appointments, please take care of showering and using mouthwash either right before or upon my arrival.

The Envelope

Kindly take care your remaining balance upon your arrival for incall, or my arrival for outcall. You may simply leave it on a nearby table as you go to wash your hands. If you'd like you may put it in an unsealed envelope, or even better,  a book from my wishlist! When meeting in public, a book or a gift bag is best for the sake of discretion. If you'd like to take care of your balance electronically or via debit/credit card, kindly let me know in advance.

Ps + Qs

All appointments over three hours require a meal, and time spent outside the private sphere is expected. If you have extenuating privacy concerns, kindly let me know and we can discuss ordering in for an additional fee.


Any appointment 16+ hours in length requires 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep plus some private time in the morning to freshen up.

Any appointment 24+ hours in length requires about an hour or so private time for me to take care of administrative work 


I do not participate in review culture in any way. While I am aware there may be reviews of me out there, I consider any reviews containing explicit language and themes to be works of fiction. Therefore I will never confirm, deny or acknowledge them or their contents in any capacity.

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