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  • Where are you based?
    Being so close to many different cities, I decided to make a multi city home base! I consider my Homebase to be the following cities: *Charlotte NC *Asheville NC *Hickory NC *Greenville SC *Rock Hill SC *Knoxville TN *Sieverville TN *Johnson City TN I also offer Drive Me To You to many surrounding areas!
  • Do you offer incall or outcall?
    Both! When in my homebase, incall and outcall have no fee (with the exception of Charlotte; Incall in Executive Park or Southpark are offered at no additional fee, but I kindly ask for a $100 incall fee for Uptown incall). When touring, I offer incall with no fee and outcall within the city for an additional $100 travel fee (for locations outside the city please inquire)
  • Do you take on clients who are...?
    I take on many different types of clients who are 21 and older. Aspects of your selfhood such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender expression and body size will never be cause for discrimination here. What will be however is rudeness, crassness and vulgarity. But you're better than that anyway, aren't you my darling? ;)
  • I don't have much (or any) experience with women. Will you see me?
    Most definitely! In fact, it is my great joy and honor to act as a mentor and tutor for the inexperienced. I'd be beyond delighted to teach you all about healthy communication, flirtation and seduction, enthusiastic consent, giving and receiving pleasure...and so much more!
  • Do you have any friends who can accompany us?
    Absolutely! The more the merrier! I have tried and true chemistry with the lovely people listed here, should two just not be enough for us! If you have a different provider in mind for a rendezvous, please do inquire. Duos/trios/etc with providers not listed on my friends page will be decided on a case by case basis. Rate parity will be expected most of the time (in other words, the higher/est rate will be matched for all parties unless otherwise discussed).
  • We're a couple. Will you see us together?
    Few things are more enjoyable than interacting with couples! I would be thrilled and delighted to help bring your long talked about fantasies to life! Please note that I have a 2 hour minimum for couples even when touring and an additonal $200 fee. I will need to screen both parties as well.
  • I'm nervous and unsure of whether or not this is for me. What should I do?
    I get it. You want to look before you leap. I offer phone consultations at $50 for a 15-20 conversation, should you wish to chat with me and figure out if we're a good match or not.
  • Do you enjoy kink/fetishes?
    I consider myself to be dominant leaning, meaning that I like to take a gentle, approachable lead. This means that I also naturally gravitate towards the softer side of BDSM, kink, femme domme and power exchange. Some of my favorites include tease and denial, role play, body worship, foot fetishes, sensory deprivation and sensation play. Basically, if it falls into the "sensual domme" category, it's more than likely something I enjoy! But please keep in mind I am not what you would consider a heavy player. Furthermore I am not a Mistress, Domina or Goddess and do not wish to be addressed as such.
  • Are you disability friendly?
    Absolutely. All I ask is that you inform me so we can decide on the best arrangements for you and your specific needs. In most cases I will reduce or completely waive outcall/travel fees for those who have mobility limitations.
  • Do you provide references?
    Yes I am happy to provide references. While it's always a polite gesture, you don't have to ask beforehand. But please only give out my email address and not my number; I keep my phone number private for everyone's safety and discretion! Keep in mind too that I provide two references per visit for up to six months, no exceptions. Failure to comply with these guidelines will unfortunately make it impossible for me to provide a reference for you in the future. Thanks for understanding.
  • Do you allow reviews?
    I allow for tasteful, respectful reviews exclusively on Private Delights. Reviews on other platforms containing explicit themes or language are considered to be works of fiction. Therefore while they may exist without my knowledge or approval, I will never confirm, deny or discuss reviews left on any other forum or their contents in any capacity.
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