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Fly Me to You Rates


4 Hour Dinner Date*

$2200 Public & Private // $2600 All En Suite

6 Hour Extended Dinner Date**

$2500 Public & Private // $3000 All En Suite

8 Hour Full Day***

$3000 Public & Private // $3500 All En Suite

15 Hour Overnight✧


24 Hours


48 Hoursᐁ


Each Additional Day


*Minimum for Northeast & Southeast USA

**Minimum for Midwest USA

***Minimum for Northwest and Southwest USA

✧Minimum for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

ᐁMinimum For All Other International Travel

Rates above are all inclusive of airfare & accommodations for domestic travel throughout the contiguous United States only. Transportation costs to and from the airport may apply depending on distance.


For travel to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, kindly add $500

For travel to Canada and Mexico, kindly add $1000

For all other international travel, kindly add $2000

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